From August 28th through September 17th every house in the Silverwood Community may be a target for a yard full of flamingo!


You may wake up in the morning or come home from work or school and notice your yard has been “FLOCKED”. A flocking will stay for 3 days until it has been removed.


How do I prevent a flocking?
Flocking insurance is available for $10.00


How do I get rid of a flamingo invasion?

Once the flock has hit your house, it stays for 3 days, is 3 days too long???? We will relocate your flamingos for $15.00!


How do I send the flock to a friend?

SUPER! We can help with that. For $20 we can have a flock arrive right on time to the front yard of that friend you love so much. (As longs as the friend does not have flocking insurance) For $30 we will send a flock to a house even if they have flocking insurance, because as we all know insurance does not cover everything...