There are so many reasons to not join your child's PTA, but where are a couple of reasons you should. 

why PTA


Here are some quotes from current PTA members:


Audrey, 2020-2021 PTA President 

"It's important to give back. I like being connected to the community."


Andrea, 2020-2021 VP of Fundraising

"I wanted to be involved with the school and help make a positive impact where I could."


Linda, 2020-2021 Communication Chair and Head of Hospitality

"I always knew I was going to join when my daughter started Kindergarten. I was so nervous, having only experienced what PTA was like in shows and movies. This has never been the case for our PTA at Silverwood. Everyone was so welcoming and incredibly. It has been so great these past 2 years. I look forward to this new adventure, amid Covid."


Melinda, Room Parent Coordinator

"I've always felt that parent engagement is a crucial part of a school's success. Joining the PTA has allowed me to help build an inclusive, fun, and engaging school community. It's also a great opportunity to meet other parents who also want the Silverwood community to thrive."